The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work


Alternative Controls make room for entrepreneurial exploration, and come with:

  • Giving room to autonomy over task, time, team and technique, so that people can stay flexible and enjoy freedom with responsibility.
  • Sensible habits rooted in common sense that replace compliance-oriented rulebooks.
  • Democracy that goes beyond participatory hot air and catalyzes management by (o)mission.

Mastering the fine line between process control and individual freedom will pay dividends.


Remote Work From Home

The Monday Siesta

Test and Learn Mindset

Prioritize Quality Of Life

Busting Bureaucracy

The Simple Manual On Survival

Minimize Auditing

Keep Rules To A Minimum

Build Process NOT Control

Write, Erase And Rewrite Rules

Distributed Control

Leader On Demand

Step Back Management