The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Creative Innovation mixes entrepreneurial intensity with operating excellence, and comes with:

  • Thinking inside-the-box: initiate and keep a keen eye for continuous improvement.
  • Creative Space: ramble into the future by installing forums of innovation and ad hoc democracy to provoke dynamic equilibrium.
  • Entrepreneurship: a satellite approach to networking and partnering that thrives on blended and hybrid working practices.

A heady mix that amplifies the value of innovation.

Continuous Experimentation

Asking Why In The Beginning, Middle And The End

Creative Space

Redefine Corporate Presentations

Make Your Space Yours

Open-Ended Meetings

Making Time To Celebrate At Work


Nucleus of Radical Innovation – Cê tá Louco!? (“Are You Out of Your Mind!?”)

Leverage The Power Of Titles

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