The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Creative Innovation mixes entrepreneurial intensity with operating excellence, and comes with:

  • Thinking inside-the-box: initiate and keep a keen eye for continuous improvement.
  • Creative Space: ramble into the future by installing forums of innovation and ad hoc democracy to provoke dynamic equilibrium.
  • Entrepreneurship: a satellite approach to networking and partnering that thrives on blended and hybrid working practices.

A heady mix that amplifies the value of innovation.

Continuous Experimentation

Asking Why In The Beginning, Middle And The End

Let The Ideas Flow

Rewarding Good Ideas

Creative Space

Redefine Corporate Presentations

Make Your Space Yours

Open-Ended Meetings

Making Time To Celebrate At Work


Nucleus of Radical Innovation – Cê tá Louco!? (“Are You Out of Your Mind!?”)

Leverage The Power Of Titles

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