The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Extreme Stakeholder Alignment makes strategic plans obsolete, and comes with:

  • An outside-in perspective on impact, that uncovers hidden synergy.
  • Finding common ground and gain sharing that naturally establishes alignment across stakeholders.
  • Consistency in action that promotes cross-boundary optimization and disciplined focus.

Merging finding common ground with process optimization and consistency will create an effective operating style.

Assure Consistency

Co-Creating Your Social Contract

Defining Roles And Responsibilities

What Went Right And What Didn’t


Finding Common Ground

Organizational Climate Evaluation

The Culture Merger

Developing Rhythms For Self-Management

Outside in Perspective

Unions as Stakeholders

Involve Clients In Product Development

Know Your Client

Opening Books To External Stakeholders

Semco Tours