The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Self-Management gives teams control to customize the company, and comes with:

  • Peer power as a potent regulatory mechanism that enables team governance.
  • Skin in the game that stimulates ownership.
  • Talent development that instills self-governance.

Galvanizing shared responsibility and personal contributions unleashes the full potential of the organization.

Culture of Commitment

Reward Results

Salary Cuts Over Job Cuts

Choose Your Salary

Points For Impact

Team Members Set Team Goals

Profit Sharing

Peer Power

Peer Stewardship

Roast And Toast

Assessment From The Bottom Up

Peer Assessment

People Can Fix (It) Themselves

Participative Recruitment

Minimizing Hierarchy

Talent Development

Jump Ships Internally


Prioritize Internal Recruitment

Welcome Onboard

Building Careers On The Fly

Rush Hour MBA

Retire While Working

Project Grow

Top Talent Versus Top Fit