The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Trust gives people control of their work and comes with:

  • Adults as Adults: Mindset changing in order to trust on people like grow adults responsible for their attitudes.
  • Reducing Power Distance: Practices to break down silos, boost proximity between team members and access from employees to top management.
  • Unfiltered Transparency: Practices to promote high level of transparency, financial education and the best formats to share key information throughout the whole organization.

Trust as a basic organizing principle opens the door to acquiring the ability to turn the combination of trust and business savvy into a powerful operating platform.

Adults as adults

Vested Interest

How You Work Is Up to You

Treating Adult as Adults

Using Common Sense

Shared Decision Making

Creating The Space For Participation

Reduce Power Distance

Live! Board Meetings

Break Down Silos

Bid Goodbye To Privileges

Be On The Board Once

CEO Rotation

Unfiltered Transparency

Learning With Comic Strips

Let Us Learn The Numbers

Information Belongs To Everybody

Having A Dilemma Conversation

Meet, Track And Challenge

Straightforward Reports