The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Straightforward Reports

– See the Company through the Haze

What matters in reports is that the numbers be few and important and
that people treat them with something approaching passion. Everyone works on the basis of the same information, and everyone looks forward to its appearance with what I’d call fervent curiosity. – 
Ricardo Semler


Simple and fast reports that accelerate decision-making, based on the Rule of Six: only showing those very few important line items (never more than 6!) that are crucial to the business at hand.


Only the big numbers matter, based on a simple accounting system providing limited but relevant information that people can grasp and act on quickly. Zooming in on the 6 numbers that really matter makes it possible to see the company through the haze of cost centers and accounting lines. Being very, very rigorous about the numbers and strict with the financial controls, allows you to be extremely lax about everything else.

 When (NOT) to use it?

Flash Reports are key to Semco Style, because they tell you how to run the company, how well you know your business, and tell your employees if there’s going to be a profit.

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