The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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You do need to be in control of your organization, but it doesn’t mean you need to control people. Besides, the hierarchical pyramid creates an illusion of control over people and results for those at the top of the organization. The unnecessary control systems we use to prevent damage by a small portion of employees winds up harming the remaining who are innocent. Is that wise? Of course, we aren’t suggesting you get rid of all controls overnight, for it could create chaos. But, how about exploring alternative controls and a minimum level of procedures that give more autonomy to your people and add value to the business?


The Monday Siesta

Prioritize Quality Of Life

Keep Rules To A Minimum

End Of Headquarters

Groups of 10

Internal Committees

Empowering Remote Work

Scale sensibly

Busting Bureaucracy

The Simple Manual On Survival

Minimize Auditing

Build Process NOT Control

Write, Erase And Rewrite Rules

Norms And Boundaries

Remove Unnecessary Controls

Shared Control

Rollover Budgets Every Six Months

Leader On Demand

Step Back Management

Boundaries for Self-Management

Shifting The Performance Paradigm

Role Transition Management: Transition From In-Charge To In-Control

Minimizing Knowledge Drain

Bottom-up Operational Review Meetings

Choosing What To Control

U-turn Tool

The Titanic Game