The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Internal Committees

Do it as a team

One good question and one good answer are services to all. A sure sign of a troubled company is one where employees don’t care enough to ask and, if that’s the case, they’ll never care enough to fully deploy their talent. Just as curiosity is an antidote to boredom and indifference, the informed are more likely to remain interested, engaged, and alive with purpose. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell


Companies thrive on ideas and problem solving, but rarely realize the treasure trove of human experience that they have right in their workplace. Forming employee committees makes it easy for companies to problem solve and to allow employees to go beyond their jobs and pursue other interests.

These committees are formed to move towards a group interest or goal, whether it is a social project like working on raising funds for a cause, or planning events like birthdays, workshops, festivals and so on. They are formed to benefit an individual or the whole organization. In other words, groups are formed to help an individual overcome a personal or professional crisis, and that same support is extended to anyone else going through something similar.

Of course, these committees needn’t exist for just solving employee problems; for serious CSR initiatives; or to organize the companies regular, formal events. Instead, they could also be formed to put together impromptu, fun, seasonal and informal events, like a Friday barbeque or the celebration of International Cuisine Day at work. Unlike the other internal committees, these groups could start small and exist temporarily – being dismantled as soon as the event is over.

When employees know that they have the full support of their colleagues if and when they face a problem, it benefits the morale of the whole organization. This kind of an approach creates a very supportive, light and positive work environment where feeling demotivated becomes quite rare.



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