The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Innovation is essential, but also hard – which explains why most organizations are inclined to control, monitor and repeat successes. When you work with the other principles of the Semco Style framework, you create fertile ground where innovation breeds. You can maximize it by actively creating room for innovation, focussing on continuous improvement and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Continuous Experimentation

The Why Way

Let The Ideas Flow

Rewarding Good Ideas

Six Thinking Hats

Mind Mapping

Creative Space

Redefine Corporate Presentations

Make Your Space Yours

Open-Ended Meetings

Making Time To Celebrate At Work

Keep it real


Leverage The Power Of Titles

Você tá Louco | Are You Out Of Your Mind?

Jump Ships Internally

Think inside the box

Take it outside

Learning Is No Joke