The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Extreme Stakeholder Alignment is about organizing with and around the client; entering into deep collaboration with internal and external entrepreneurs; and a smooth alignment between all of these groups. It is also about acknowledging and considering everyone’s interests.
Extreme Stakeholder Alignment – Assure Consistency
Consistency is about creating clarity about what all departments and teams are pursuing at the moment and how they’re performing. Are the actions of people in different departments consistent with what they’re saying? Are they being transparent about what they’re actually doing? Extreme stakeholder alignment depends heavily on consistent, mutual actions between departments.

Assure Consistency

Annual Immersive Retreat

Co-Creating Your Social Contract

Defining Roles And Responsibilities

What Went Right And What Didn’t


Stop And Reflect

Finding Common Ground

Organizational Climate Evaluation

The Culture Merger

Developing Rhythms For Self-Management

Check in- Check out

Bell A Pause

Outside in Perspective

Involve Clients In Product Development

Know Your Client

Opening Books To External Stakeholders

Semco Tours

Unions as Stakeholders

Bring The Clients In