The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Annual Immersive Retreat

Celebrate success like you would with your family

The second error is the assumption that business or the work environment is the only tribal affiliation people have. By sheer proximity, the workplace tribe may seem to dwarf all the others, but anyone who works at home will find they actually belong to four or five major tribes—starting with the family and extending outward to the neighborhood, the garden club, library volunteers, church, and the like.
Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell


Companies that consistently produce results know the secret lies in good employee management. Employees work best when they are engaged and feel connected to the management. Organizations stand to gain when this connection is strong because it creates deeper alignment among employees and between employees and the management.

However, many companies fail to capitalize on opportunities that create such connection and alignment. In their drive to focus on the bottom line, many companies forget the importance of employee engagement and how they can use existing events or structures to give it a boost. One key example is the annual social event a company organizes, usually in the form of a Christmas party or an annual all-hands meeting. Usually organized by HR, with little input from anyone but a few top executives, these events are often dreaded yawn affairs.

However, such events can have a greater impact on employees than most other engagement tools. When harnessed well, they can transform into a powerful tool that hikes an employee’s sense of belonging and workplace happiness. Unlike other engagement mechanisms, company events have the capacity to bring together the whole company and provide the perfect environment to bridge power distances. Instead of viewing it as forced social interaction, companies can foster actual kinship, strengthening relationships between management and employees.


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