The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Defining Roles And Responsibilities

Everyone Shouldn’t Be Responsible For Everything

People are too keen to follow standard preconceptions of how organisations should work. All too often, we feel that we are unable to make changes and so hope that someone, somewhere in your organisation knows what we are doing and what the overall aim is. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

Teams and the way they operate have always been of great interest to people as well as organizations geared towards success. When it comes to teams, what’s better? Extreme alignment among team members about the way in which they want to achieve a project’s end goal? Or, is it more important for team members to know exactly what their roles and responsibilities are?

In many organizations, especially startups, employees wear multiple hats and work on tasks that are technically not within the purview of their role. While this may create the semblance of a busy workspace, the undercurrent is usually one of confusion. When people are told how to reach a target, but not given specific or clear cut roles to play, then it leads to people stepping on each other’s toes in the name of collaboration.

It’s the job of the leader to make sure that their team members are in no doubt about their roles and responsibilities with respect to a certain project. Collaboration becomes more effective when people understand the boundaries within which they can operate, and complete significant chunks of their responsibilities independently.

Before overhauling the existing definition of roles and responsibilities, conduct an analysis to bring up any gaps, struggles and ambiguity in performing said roles. To do that, the team needs to touch base with its main purpose and see if the roles and activities, currently in place, are conducive to achieving those goals.  



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