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Organizational Climate Evaluation

Don’t stop with just the diagnosis

So we did what we always do when there is dissent: nothing. We believe blindly in the virtues of dissent. We don’t want a crowd of brainwashed workers. We don’t want them to sing company songs, memorize company mission statements, and learn to speak only when spoken to. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

Organizational climate, much like environmental climate, often gets relegated to the background of everything that happens around us. But both have the capacity to build up into something that can no longer be ignored. Fortunately, there are ways to measure, predict and prepare for whatever they bring – be it be tropical storms or employee dissatisfaction.

The climate in an organization feeds off the various things that affect the motivation of employees to do their jobs. There’s plenty of research that shows that employee engagement tends to be greater in companies where the leadership fosters autonomy, trust and transparency.

But it’s not a simple undertaking to gauge the climate in a company: It’s a massive exercise that requires a sound knowledge of work environments, survey methodologies, statistical evaluation and human psychology. And the process doesn’t stop at sending out climate evaluation surveys or the diagnosis of underlying issues.

The people who are affected by the various issues need to be given the space, resources and safety to debate upon what needs to be done and come up with tangible solutions. Assuming the conventional top-down approach will only band-aid the issues.




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