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Still, in an industrial world whose methods show obvious signs of exhaustion, the merit of sharing experience is to encourage experiment and to plant the seeds of conceptual change– Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell


Experiential learnings that are a part of professional education have become quite commonplace – much like language immersion programs that involve learning through first-hand experience. Personal exchanges and practical experiences that engage, coupled with occasional academic-style lectures, are now important elements of learning expeditions taken on by corporate executives.

A great example is TC Cribs, an initiative of Techcrunch, the leader in startup and tech news. It features different startups and their office environments to provide a glimpse of unique work cultures to businesses all over the world. On that note, one of the key cultural changes in new age corporate environments is the open sharing of learnings.

Instead of waiting to be featured, businesses now create their own outreach programs, partnering with other businesses and universities, to open up a corporate cultural exchange. Inviting people to learn from your business is a great marketing opportunity to enhance the company brand and attract the appropriate talent.

By having engaged personal exchanges, there is an opportunity to also learn from the guests. Such tours also function as vehicles of corporate social responsibility, where businesses can help teach students entering the workforce.



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