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Autonomous Job Rotation

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Companies hoping to recruit the best and the brightest must demonstrate that they trust their employees with the freedom to work anywhere. They must assume that they’re buying talent and dedication, not what the Brazilians call “butt-in-chair time. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

Organizations often find it challenging to fulfill career aspirations of internal talent. Also, considerable efforts, cost and time are spent in filling in roles with the right talent when someone leaves or a new role opens up. It’s not new to source talent from within the company and to offer new roles to employees, through internal job postings, this an established practice.

However, the implementation of this practice is rarely sound. Either the roles are often overly siloed, with little opportunity to move across departments, or they are often held up by red tape, contributed by managers who are possessive over their talent. This leaves employees stifled and many of them end up quitting from the lackluster commitment to learning. On the other end, companies feel like there is no value to investing in these practices since employees are going to leave anyway.

In line with empowering employees, autonomous job rotation is a practice that has seen success. This practice removes the red tape at two layers. First, it is transparent about all the new jobs that come up in the company and makes them visible to everyone internally. Second, it removes the red tape – the need for managerial approval.

With these major barriers to entry removed, employees are free to apply as though they were external candidates and are not held hostage by their existing roles or managers. Managers get involved, after a candidate gets selected, to provide support for a smooth transition. Embracing this practice is a step towards a mature work culture that rewards employees for their interest in learning and taking up new roles and responsibilities.


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