The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Participative Recruitment

Employees should have a say in who they work with.

No-one works for money alone and tapping into what people want from their careers and what they have to offer is essential. – Ricardo Semler


One of the biggest issues in running any kind of business is the churn rate. People quit their jobs almost as soon as they join because it doesn’t take really long to realize this: Either the job isn’t a good fit for who they are or they aren’t a good fit for the job they just landed. Simply put, the way most companies go about their recruitment process is quite risky for business because it’s a big drain of time and resources. Also, conventional recruiting processes don’t allow team members (who will be the most affected by a new recruit) to have a say in the whole process. Instead, it’s someone from the HR and then a slew of managers who repeatedly meet the candidate who ultimately gets hired.

Semco’s recruitment process turns all these conventional methods on their heads: The shortlisted candidates get interviewed by a group of all relevant stakeholders – people from the management level, peer level, subordinate level are also involved in the decision-making. As a group, they evaluate whether a candidate is the right fit for the team and they arrive at a decision through consensus. For the candidate, it’s an opportunity to better know and understand the company. Conducting such integrated interviews is a very unique process that’s not very common in the corporate world.

It’s extremely powerful because it minimizes gaps between the team and the new recruit; and shared decisions are far more effective than those taken by a handful of people. Besides, it’s quite easy for candidates to present their best selves in traditional interview settings, which makes it quite hard to assess whether they’d actually be a good choice for the role, team and the company. Participative recruitment, on the other hand, provides both the company and the candidate a vantage point from where they can make decisions they won’t regret.




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