The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Prioritize Internal Recruitment

The family silverware may be old, but it’s of more value

Again, all it takes is confidence that employees are responsible adults, not ignorant newcomers who know next to nothing about what their jobs require. This system would also reveal an individual’s real interests, which in turn could make business far more efficient. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

A 2016 LinkedIn study, which covered more than 26,000 working professionals, revealed that a quarter of them were intent on bagging that promotion. With no plans of quitting their companies, these people were intent on climbing up the ranks. However, the same research also indicated that nearly an equal number of professionals (24 percent) were keeping their eyes open for opportunities elsewhere because they had been passed up for a promotion.

So, did the chicken come first or the egg? Are companies driving away their homegrown talent by hiring externally? Or, are companies forced to hire outside because they can’t find the perfect skill-match; they’re worried the training would be wasted on someone who would eventually quit; or the workplace culture makes it tough to move people around internally?

Nevertheless, there are multiple benefits to hiring internally: Besides saving money, time and energy spent on hiring someone new, internal hires come already integrated with the company culture. In most cases, they come with a greater understanding of the job’s requirements and are able to get started on the job faster than someone new. And, finally, it sends out a message to all employees that the company is interested in people developing themselves and in helping them do work that motivates and challenges them.




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