The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Retire While Working

Pursue dreams now

Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organisation. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

Current workplace philosophy seems to suggest that pursuing your dreams while having a career is not possible without one of them suffering. More often than not, hobbies and interest are shunted off to weekends, while bigger goals wait until retirement. Dreams have to take a back seat; and if they don’t, one must be prepared to sacrifice income stability.

It all boils down to the fundamental choice people are forced to make between their passions and ther careers. But it needn’t be that way – instead of having a zero-sum game, it’s increasingly becoming possible to support both personal and professional aspirations at the same time. More and more organizations are embracing flexible and remote working policies that afford greater freedom to employees.

However, it is still assumed that you would be available at a moment’s notice to handle work – even if you are not physically present in the office. While these policies are a good move in integrating our work and personal lives better, they still fall short. And this is why: It is not a formalized company policy that supports people’s personal aspirations during their working career.

What if companies filled the gap by formalizing the time-off for people to pursue their dreams? By cementing this as part of the company culture, employers are not only supporting their employees, but they’re also creating more engagement and workplace happiness.




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