The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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The act of building trust is the cornerstone of Semco Style and, thus, the starting point of every change based on this ideology. It is all about treating adults as adults. The framework believes that when people have the right information, they will make the best decisions for themselves as well as the organization. A low power gap, horizontally and vertically, also makes it easier to build trust.

Reducing Power Distance

Live! Board Meetings

Bid Goodbye To Privileges

Be On The Board Once

CEO Rotation

Break down Silos

London Bridge Is Falling Down

Reverse Mentoring

Ask the Leaders

Democracy Through Dictatorship

Treating Adults as Adults

Vested Interest

Treating Adult as Adults

Using Common Sense

Shared Decision Making

Creating The Space For Participation

Flexible Hours

How You Work Is Up To You

Leading the Blind

Safeguarding Diversity

Unfiltered Transparency

Let Us Learn The Numbers

Information Belongs To Everybody

Having A Dilemma Conversation

Meet, Track And Challenge

Straightforward Reports

Share Your Dreams

Developing The Courage To Be Ethical