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Information Belongs To Everybody

Bust bureaucracy with access to information

Information supports intuition, and that’s why we make our facts and figures available to everyone, from assembly line workers to senior executives. Businesses usually want such information to project numbers into the future, but precise facts and numbers are only helpful if they’re used to enhance decision-making, not as the basis for it– Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

It’s a paradoxical time: Companies are increasingly aware of the long-term benefits of trust and yet, they hold back because they worry that employees with too much access to information can wreak havoc. On one end businesses want to be more open internally and on the other end they do everything they can to protect their data behind multiple firewalls.

After all, they’re worried that their employees will “leak” sensitive information; that competitors will get wind of their latest top-secret projects and formulae; or that it will spell the end of their growth.

But, if company leaders were to really try and rationalize these fears, they’d realize their illusory quality. For, the real world doesn’t operate upon “leaked” information. Such information expire real fast because they’re relevant for a very short window of time. Simply put, companies will be digging their own graves if they were basing their next move upon leaked information from their competitors. They will always be one step behind and soon nobody would remember them.

In the end, opening up your information to all your employees isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, it’s one of the best things you could do to drive up efficiency and bust bureaucracy. Open access to information is like a tool that can help businesses be nimble in today’s fast-paced marketplace and it can help people make informed decisions on the go.



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