The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Learning With Comic Strips

– Comic Book Relief

Train yourself to synthesize important issues. Instead of long texts,
simply visualize what needs to be communicated. – 


Sharing information in an accessible way, by synthesizing big chunks it into bitesized cartoons.


In some cases a visual says more than many words could achieve. It makes information accessible and easy to grasp. Moreover, a cartoon offers a humorous way to reflect on ‘the relativity of things’. Cartoons help to focus the attention on critical issues.

Semco Style has used cartoon-style information sharing for their Survival Manual (their answer to the Employee Handbook phenomenon), but also for the number reading course that was designed in co-creation with the unions for all employees in the company.

When (NOT) to use it?

There are no exceptions, all important knowledge can be shared visually. Synthesizing information is worth the investment, it greatly improves accessibility, bringing people up to speed in an easy fashion.

Level to implement