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Let Us Learn The Numbers

Learning the stories behind numbers

Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organisation – Ricardo Semler


If it’s true that most people are driven by the money they earn, then why is it also true that they mentally switch-off when financial presentations begin? Shouldn’t everyone be automatically interested in understanding their organization’s performance? Isn’t it important to know if the numbers indicate fat bonuses or layoffs? Then, why is it so difficult to make employees, from non-financial roles, pay attention to a presentation on the company’s numbers?

People instantly disconnect from financial presentations not just because of how they’re presented, but also because of how much information is crammed into them. Some may almost have a phobic reaction towards math, while others might just be put-off by dry data on excel sheets. In short, presentations that are overloaded with numbers tend to leave people with glazed eyes and minds.

But there’s a lot of tangible evidence to show that once people begin engaging with the financial data of their organizations, they solve problems like owners; they act like entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for profitable opportunities; and they perform better with a deeper level of engagement.

It all comes down to simplicity: Organizations that simplify their financial presentations, weeding out jargons and numbers, find it easier to take the open-book management route. When every employee, whether it’s the cleaner or a top-level executive, understands the stories behind your numbers, you’re that much closer to creating a workforce that truly cares.





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