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Reverse Mentoring

Teach an old dog new tricks

No-one works for money alone and tapping into what people want from their careers and what they have to offer is essential. – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell

Learning from an older experienced person is something that we all value across cultures. In our professional lives, we call them mentors. Earlier, it was quite hard to get someone who was invested in your professional growth. But these days, organizations matching senior employees to entry-level employees, to teach them the ropes, is quite commonplace. Many older employees also view mentoring as an opportunity to give back to the company with their expertise and help novice employees get a leg up.

However, there is a subtle shift happening now thanks to exponential growth in new technologies, Younger employees are actually more knowledgeable in certain areas, like coding languages, leveraging social media, and a host of new technologies, than their senior counterparts.

So, instead of older employees undergoing expensive training to keep up with new trends, can businesses invest in a program that turns the tables? (Does the movie the Intern ring a bell?) Experienced employees, who need to keep up with technical knowledge that’s relevant to their industry, can learn from junior employees who are well versed with new technologies native to their generation.

Relationships that are built through such reverse mentoring can also evolve into a typical mentoring relationship where junior employees can also benefit from the wisdom of senior leadership.


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