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Safeguarding Diversity

Empower 100% of your workforce

Growth and profit are a product of how people work together – Ricardo Semler

In a Nutshell


Although saddening, discriminatory behavior in the corporate environment continues to be a reality, despite the efforts of leaders and organizations to build tolerance into their work culture. And, while it might seem like enough’s been said about workplace diversity, every now and then stories of discrimination surface, making it necessary to revisit the dialogue around diversity and inclusion.

While talking about diversity might help build awareness and greater respect for the differences between people, that alone will not suffice. Organizations need to construct proper redressal mechanisms to tackle cases of discrimination that crop up. Leaders need to send out the message that they’re serious about leveling the playing field.

Understandably, companies might see this as a drain on their resources, where there is a defined investment, but no visible payoff in the short-term. However, companies cannot afford to ignore these issues – not just because of the obvious moral and ethical reasons, but also because of the direct impact they have on their reputation and competitiveness. Which is why it’s crucial to weave inclusiveness closely into the fabric of the company culture so that it becomes second nature.


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