The Semco Style 5 Principles to transform the way we work
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Using Common Sense

It is not that common.

Intuition, luck, mistakes, serendipity—there you have four vital business concepts that every manager should know – Ricardo Semler


Common sense is a great solution to any problem and, yet, no one ever seems to remember this. It’s especially true with companies, who have paid more attention to complicating and obscuring management theories over the years. In the race for incredible growth, companies often forget the basics that are fundamental to management practices – the simple truths of human interaction and the undeniable power of trust.

Successful businesses, in the past and the present, have shown that trusting your employees over the rulebook goes a long way. In fact, retail giant Nordstrom has an iconic handbook that defines life at this 72,500-person company. The entirety of the Nordstrom Employee Handbook fits on a single 5×8 card and involves exactly one rule – “Use best judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.”

Imagine the simplicity and the power of a statement that direct. It encompasses all the rules and theories every management book has ever spouted. But leaders these days have become so obsessed with efficiency and growth that they struggle to handle problems that are exceptions or fall outside the culture they operate within.

But the way a company handles such problems can make or break its future. And, more often than not, their strategies will mark the difference between companies that are stuck to their rulebooks and those that trust the best judgement of their employees.



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